Chivruta Association

The Chivruta Beit She’an and Emek Association was established in 2005 by social activists residing in Emek HaMa’ayanot and Beit She’an. The aim is to foster development, growth, and empowerment in the region. The association actively fulfills this important purpose by means of establishing and running educational programs for young people who come from all over the country to participate.

The organizations goals

The educational programs operate in the spirit of mediation and the  creation of dialog between different segments of Israeli society. They lead discourse on value and identity in the areas of leadership, Zionism, and Judaism in Israel. In addition, the young program participants work in communities where they contribute to welfare and participate in communal work, as well as education and agriculture, with the aim of strengthening communal and social ties in the Emek and Beit She’an communities, and to cultivate growth for the entire region. 

The educational programs run by the association promote leadership and social responsibility by combining communal activity, agricultural work, the daily experience of group life at the base, and practical learning, which leads to action. 

Through its programs, Chivruta works to confront with and meet the challenges of increasing alienation between Israeli youth and working the land, living on the periphery, Zionist values, and the foundations of solidarity in society. The association incorporates the basic values that uphold Israeli society in its programs, including working the Land, settling the Land, inter-sector dialogue, mutual responsibility, group life, leadership values, Zionism, and Israeli Jewish identity.

The association has bound its destiny together with the future of Emek HaMa’ayanot and acts in complete cooperation with the relevant bodies in the area, turning it into a district to be proud of, and encouraging progress in its many stratum of activity – agriculture, settlement, education and welfare, and society and community – all based on a vision of educational, pioneering, and Zionist values.


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