Goodwill in the Emek

A program of community action established for the purpose of strengthening the population of Emek HaMa’ayanot and Beit She’an by empowering society’s weaker population sectors. Chivruta, which devotes itself to its core value of community engagement, coordinates the program activities each year for 200 young participants. Activities comprise volunteer work in settlements, institutions, and organizations throughout the Emek and Beit She’an. They run educational, social, and communal programs for children and youth in formal and informal educational settings, as well as for seniors, the disabled, and people with special needs. All activities are  conducted in collaboration with the Emek settlement communities, forging relationships and creating special bonds which prove to be both empowering and enriching for all sides.

Mechinat Matzpen

As part of our education program, HaEmek Mechina promotes tolerance and compassion towards those who are different, and works to
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The Kfar Ruppin Community

About three years ago, the mechina found its new home in Kfar Ruppin. It was a perfect fit and right
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Beit uri

As the COVID-19 crisis deepened, participants at Mechinat HaEmek commenced their volunteer work at Beit Uri in the city of
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Association for Seniors and Holocaust Survivors, Beit Shean

The Mechina volunteering program also offers volunteering at the Association for Seniors and Holocaust Survivors in Beit Shean. Mati Garama,
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Beit Alfa Absorption Center

Since 2007, Kibbutz Beit Alfa has been home to an absorption center for Ethiopian immigrants run by the Jewish Agency.
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Idan Technology

Throughout the school year, Mechina participants attend the Idan Educational Technology Center in Emek HaMa’ayanot, a joint regional center for
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